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Enquiries: 03333 448542

Out of Hours: 01704 321320

9am – 6pm

Monday to Friday

About Pelican

Established in 2018, Pelican is a residential children’s home provider with over 20 years professional experience in caring for young people, founded by a core of people who have the best interests of young people at the forefront of what we deliver.

At the very heart of what we do is our genuine commitment to provide a safe, nurturing and stable environment for young people and to deliver the highest possible quality of service to them. Pelican is an outcome-focused provider and our overarching ethos is to work in collaboration with key people to help and support young people to achieve their full potential and to prepare them for their future lives.

We strongly believe that a stay in residential care should never define a young person; it is simply a stage of their life that, for differing reasons, has become necessary in order for them to build a successful future life.

Pelican staff strive to improve young people’s quality of life and promote their independence through a diverse range of techniques. Through careful strategic planning, a collaborative approach and advanced support, our team is more than equipped to support young people in overcoming the challenges that they may face. We give them a voice and we hear what they have to say and encourage them to make informed decisions that impact their lives. We provide a structure for them whilst also allowing them a balance of freedom and flexibility to transition into adulthood.

We work closely with local authorities and professional bodies to ensure the young person can thrive in an environment that is personalised towards their bespoke needs. We use a young person’s care plan as an integral document that will shape their time in the home and beyond. We mutually agree achievable goals, aspirations and outcomes, and put realistic and measurable action plans into place to ensure they are met. We appreciate that every young person is unique, as is our approach to the care that we provide throughout Pelican.

Our experienced staff are well-trained in all necessary aspects of their roles and are highly approachable. We only employ staff we believe to be a good fit for Pelican and who will act as brand ambassadors and deliver our aims and objectives to the impeccable standard and level we come to expect. We invest in our people and entrust them to be the gatekeepers for our young people’s livelihood and wellbeing.

Every placement offered by Pelican is with a view to enabling young people to succeed. We aim to equip and develop young people with a skill-set which will benefit their long-term success. We firmly believe that, equipped with the correct social, emotional and physical skills, a young person can achieve a fulfilling life.

Throughout their time with us, we support them to identify areas in their life they wish to improve upon and help them move forward.

We strive not just to create a place that feels like home for our young people, but a place that is home. In a comfortable, stable environment we know that there is no ceiling for our young people and encourage their aspirations, proactively seeking out opportunities which allow every young person in our care to reach their full potential.

Every young person residing with Pelican is encouraged to develop at a pace that is comfortable for them and we believe that with the right care and dedicated support, young lives can flourish.

Our ethos is caring and supportive, recognising that great accomplishments can be made when planted seeds are carefully watered and allowed to thrive.

Our Promise

We recognise and acknowledge that each young person is an individual with differing needs and aspirations.
We will never judge any young person, or allow them to be discriminated against.
We always remain child- focussed and the young people we care for are at the centre of everything we do.
We pledge that we will our utmost to keep them safe from harm and will always act in their best interests.
We will listen to them and always encourage them to approach us over any issue, no matter how big or small they believe it to be.
We will work with every young person under our care to improve outcomes and to support them to achieve their full potential.
From the moment they step foot through the door, we will never stop striving to guide, mentor and assist them in every way possible.
We will encourage their involvement in key decisions around the running of the home, to make them feel part of it.
We will actively encourage their positive transition into adulthood and into their future lives.

Our Team

Our senior team possess a wealth of professional experience working with young people across a variety of sectors.

Tom Ghannad

CEO & Founder
Tom had a vision which was to improve the care provided to young people and that is why he founded Pelican. Tom believes in promoting the success of young people in all areas of society, something he is incredibly passionate about. Tom is a qualified solicitor in England and Wales and ADR accredited family mediator, having practiced at leading law firms for several years post-qualification. Tom is committed to making a difference and is driven towards achieving this and believes Pelican plays an important role in providing young people with much-needed opportunities to lead a successful and enriched life.

Teresa Regan

Management Consultant
Teresa has 30 years experience working as a social work manager whose background is primarily in Safeguarding and Child Protection.
Teresa has vast experience of direct work with young people, and has been heavily involved undertaking audits and Quality Assurance.
Teresa is experienced in developing and delivering training to social workers and other professionals, and is widely regarded as having superior knowledge and skills.

Creating positive outcomes for young people